SmartX SAT Faucet2.0 v1.0.10

SmartX SAT Faucet2.0 v1.0.10

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Instructions about SmartX Faucet SAT Android English version v1.0.10:

1. This App does not support OS lower than Android 5.0. If it fails to install, please check whether the Android phone system meets the requirements. (Click on the setting and slide to the bottom About Phone >Android Version number)

2. It may take 5-10 seconds to initialize depending on the phone performance, every time when you start the App. Please wait patiently for the login screen to appear.

3. If you encounter prompt that says cannot be verified by Google while logging in, please close the App and retry, just like what you do on while using Web version.

This site provides the SAT Android version download and links to related campaign sites. The invitation code for the Faucet 2.0 could be found in the comments. (You can comment your invitation code below too, so that more people could join the campaign and help you earn extra token.)


Faucet 2.0 Campaign Introduction:

A Faucet Campaign Guide

FAQs about Faucet 2.0