Lock 'n' Roll 2 Pro

Lock 'n' Roll 2 Pro

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NOW the #1 Paid Dice Application in JAPAN ________________________________________________________ The sequel to the amazing Lock’n’Roll is finally here! CURRENTLY #3 paid Dice app __________________________________________________________ The original version of Lock’n’Roll has over a million downloads. It has OVER 10 MILLION HIGH-SCORES submitted. __________________________________________________________ Jay is games on LNR: Addictive combo-making game Lock 'n' Roll. It belongs to a class of neat little games that are easy to learn and quick to play, yet offer tremendous mileage and plenty of strategic depth... Review from iphoneappreviewer.com on Lock’n’Roll: ...Lock n Roll Pro Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fantastic dice strategy game. Highly recommended, buy it now... ___________________________________________________________ And now… Lock’n’Roll 2! Lock’n’Roll 2 is an intriguing puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and skill. Roll four dice at a time and arrange them on a new, larger 5x5 grid. When you tap ROLL again, the dice on the grid are LOCK’ed in place. If the dice on the grid make a combination (based on dice numbers and colors), you earn points. Make a high value combination and the dice in the combination are cleared from the grid. Earn enough points and you are rewarded with a joker (or a joker bonus if you have a joker and haven’t used it). Strategy, strategy, strategy: The more you play, the more strategy will be revealed. The game keeps going until there are no more spaces available for dice. How high can you score? That's entirely up to you! __________________________________________________________ New features in Lock’n’Roll 2: 5x5 grid – It requires a very different strategy than the 4x4 grid. Special 5 die combos with bigger bonuses. Joker Bonuses are now progressive 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k. _______________________________________________________________ Our first update will include an option for Show legal move a.k.a white boxes _______________________________________________________________ >INVISIBLE DICE PROBLEM< IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM IT CAN BE FIXED BY UPGRADING YOUR iPhone or iPod to OS VERSION 3.1 OR HIGHER._______________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: Click on the Lock ’n’ Roll 2 Application link below.



new Icons that distinguish Paid version (Pro) from the free version


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